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Nine9line United Veterans Service Initiative

Director: Shawn Durnen


United Veterans Service Initiative: a community-based development program, this program initiates a unified collaboration of existing services within the United States and surrounding areas. "Nine9Line Veteran Services" hereby referred to as Nine9Line has developed local groups that serve under the umbrella of Triage based community collaboratives.

The Tacoma Community Collaborative
Washington State

The first of many state-based community collaborative's, this group brought together joint programming, services and clients to best serve the need of its Veterans, active duty, national guard, dependents and families.

Through a memorandum of agreement and the uniting of pre-existing services I.E Housing, Recovery, Outdoor engagement and many more, Nine9Line along with its many partners have developed an all-inclusive network to best serve the continued need of Washington States 600,000 Veterans and their families. Housed at the Pierce County Community Connections in conjunction with Pierce County Veteran Services and our join-mission of serving those who served. Through the Memorandum Nine9Line, the community and its several partners have begun forward movement in partnering clients, case management and continued triage of the several thousand at risk and at need in Washington State.

Examples of the services and umbrella organizations are:

Organization Service/program Date signed on
Tacoma Recovery Café Recovery & Transition 09-01-2016
The Veteran Independent Entrepreneur Workshop Housing & Employment 09-15-2016

Battle Forged Quick Response Force
West Virginia

Battle forged nation is a behavioral health group that acts as a collaboration of Veteran mental health emergency services, this group connects across the U.S to preserve the lives of our Military, Veterans and their families. Addressing issues such as suicidal ideations, cognitive behavioral health issues and post-secondary traumas experienced by military families.

Through a collaboration of Nation-wide mental health services, the group was able to develop and sustain an open line of communication with thousands of Veterans nation-wide and extend partnerships to incorporate our Washington State Veterans under the umbrella of our Service Initiative and joint mission of service to those who served.

The first quick response force is the first of its kind to establish a 24-hour emergency service around nationwide connectivity to mental and behavioral health services for Veterans, by Veterans.

Examples of the services and umbrella organizations are:

Organization Service/program Unified on
We are the 22 Behavioral Health 03-01-2018
The Texas Brotherhood Peer Support 09-01-2017

Idaho Veterans Network

This Group Advocates, shares information, solves problems for veterans and their families in crisis while supporting one another, This group establishes trust. A Non-profit collaboration and volunteer organization utilizing a large friend based veteran service network. Serving Veterans from all eras, branches, backgrounds and need. Employment, support and connectivity is the join goal of this group through its agreement with Nine9Line, time sensitivity to bring together Veterans traveling across the west coast and greater mid-west, currently serving 150 Veterans from 2017- current. Examples of the services and umbrella organizations are:
Organization Service/Program Unified on
Idaho Division of Veteran Services Veteran Support Services 12-10-2016
Idaho Guard Family Support Military Families 12-10-2016

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